Straight Leg Run Drill Breakdown

Authored by: Michael Dent
Many sports incorporate many different aspects of agility. Volleyball, for example, is a combination of speed, jumping, quickness and balance. Like any other sport, volleyball players need to train in order to reach their full potential. GXBolt-963 advanced resistance training technology is one of the best sports specific trainings a volleyball player could implement into their lives.

GXBolt-963 advanced resistance technology can be used in many ways to train for different sports. For some sports, specifically volleyball, resistance training is the way to go. The resistance speed cords work the targeted muscle group in a particular area of the body, which allows for developing explosive muscle fibers and increase the density of those fast twitch white fibers. Vertical jumping and agility drills using the GXBolt-963 has tremendous and noticeable effects on athletes.

Drills like explosive split leg squat jumps, ankle extension hops, approach jumps, and knee drive development helps with increasing vertical jumping ability, speed, and stability.

GXBolt lateral side starts help increase the power and speed in which drastically improves first step quickness. In volleyball, pivoting and COD (change of direction) plays a major role in a game. Pivoting at a faster rate of speed allows for the front row players to get off the net quickly and get ready to approach and attack the ball. Resistance training is not only helpful for front row players, but also backrow players. Being able to pivot faster will allow for a defensive specialist and libero’s to run the ball down faster. The volleyball shuffle and attack drill trains players, both front and back row, to shuffle faster and get behind the ball. Some resistance drills, like quick hops further helps develop and increase the quickness that volleyball players jump at. When it comes to volleyball, speed and quickness is especially important. Volleyball is not only about who will work harder to keep the ball off the floor, but who can do it faster.

By enduring GXBolt-963 advanced resistance technology training program, many young women start to see a noticeable difference in a short period of time. Incorporating GXBolt-963 advanced resistance training not only improves muscle strength, flexibility, balance, stamina, and mobility, but at the same time decreases the risk of injury. While there are many physical benefits to resistance training, there are also some mental benefits, like increased self-esteem. Many players will become more confident in the way they play after noticing the difference in performance and getting better in their respective sport.

When I played volleyball and trained with the GXBolt-963, I noticed many changes in myself. The main change I saw, was how much higher I was jumping compared to before I started resistance training. Before, I could get my hands an inch or two above the net when I went up to block. After a few months of constant training, I begin to notice half of my forearm would be above the net. I began getting more blocks and touches on balls I never thought I would be able to touch. Not only did I notice a difference in my jumping, but I also noticed how much faster I was. My transitions off the net to my touchpoint were quicker, along with my footwork in the backrow.

In addition to the physical differences I saw, I also started seeing a change in my mentality. The training, while helpful, was difficult for me. During the time I trained with the GXBolt-963, I mentally became stronger. I learned to push myself when I was tired and became more confident in my level of play, which did not go unnoticed by coaches.

Overall, GXBolt-963 advanced resistance training technology is tough, but has a great effect on athletes. Sticking with a consistent training plan will show changes in the way an athlete performs over time. When training with GXBolt-963, it is important to continue training while also getting the appropriate rest needed for it to be effective