Mobile Training Technology

Are you a trainer looking to standout? Looking to get started in the growing physical training industry? Are you a current training facility looking to simply expand your business and bottom-line?

GXBolt mobile resistance training technology gives you an easy to use, light weight, portable, dynamic and explosive piece of equipment that will deliver the results your clients and business desires.

GXBolt-963 Mobile Resistance Power and Speed Development

GXBolt-963: Stationary muscle development to functional mobile training.

First Step Quickness: Athletes utilizing GXBolt-963 will develop first step power and quickness that will allow them to separate from their competition.

Drive Phase: GXBolt-963 develops the explosive muscles needed and allows athletes to maintain proper angles.

Transition Phase: Allows athletes muscles to make a smooth and easy transition into reaching maximum velocity without rapidly hitting the brakes.

Maximum Velocity: GXBolt-963 gives athlete's the ability to functionality develop faster and more explosive muscles to reach higher speeds.

OVER SPEED DEVELOPMENT (DOWN HILL, BUNGEE CORD OR HIGH-SPEED TREADMILL): GXBolt-963 is the best and most effective machine on the market today that simply supplies the functional explosive power and strength for athletes to reach and maintain high rates of speed.

GXBolt-963 is the first training tool that allows athletes to be properly developed for more explosive power and speed.

Agility: GXBolt-963 gives athletes the ability to train the central nervous system while perfecting their neuromuscular patterns by developing the way athletes think about movement, how much power is needed, and at what speed they need to be to perform optimally. GXBolt-963 training allows athletes to create more power that will generate more force off the turn, cut or break. The competition will be left stuck!

Give your athletes the best cutting edge technology to compete in today's competitive sports arena. Take your athletes and program to all new levels with GXBolt-963!

Power, speed and agility resistance training