Science Behind GXBolt-963

November 9, 2018


Logical Speed Training 
If faster arms mean faster legs? How do we get that from a functional standpoint? If stronger ankles strength equals more power/force in the ground and greater push off? How does your current training tool address that? If maximum velocity is a phase? How does one develop the muscles functionally from a realistic standpoint? When looking at "pure speed development" let's ask questions, then look at what tools we’re really utilizing do develop ultimate speed!


At what set distance does the athlete stop pushing when sprinting? Sounds like your training is limited?


How do you actually develop the athlete’s muscles functionally in the max velocity phase to handle faster speeds? Sounds like your leaving speed on the table?


If the premise of something is to increase A? Then how can it really help with B outside of the initial burst?


We are talking about developing ultimate power and speed in athletes.


We have learned with GXBolt-963, it brings power and speed to the forefront, it raises the bar and get coaches, athletes and parents really thinking about real speed development. GXBolt is about power and speed education to push the speed boundaries further than before!


Power/Drive Phase Training
We’re talking "Power and Speed." When do the legs start to generate power? A). When the foot strikes the ground? B). When the leg transitions from pull to push? If B is the answer, then what other training device allows us to do so? There are no training devices that allows you to push and build initial power in the transition of the legs. Have you seen one, wonder if your leaving speed on the table or does it sound like your training is limited?


Let's talk about the sprinting application both power and maximum velocity. What body parts are associated with increasing sprinting power and speed?







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Science Behind GXBolt-963

November 9, 2018

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