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Applied Force With GXBolt When developing speed, the ability to generate more power has to be developed. In order to generate greater power, weights are to be implemented to a certain degree.

Power is something that the athlete generates and cannot be seen or measured. When force is applied that can be seen and measured. You can see how fast a athlete moves and the NFL measures that in the 40 yard dash every year with potential NFL draft picks.

GXBolt speed cords are loaded with resistance. The speed cord resistance serves the purpose for improving quickness and high rates of speed. Arm drive, stride length and frequency are major components when developing functional power and speed. Resistant bands do not improve power. Neglecting power when speed training, is simply neglecting the foundation of the house. Poor foundation leads to poor performance.

GXBolt-963 significantly improves an athletes rate of force production by applying needed weight to improve power. By forcing the athlete to generate more power, the force that is applied will be significantly greater. Applied force is the number one component when developing speed, GXBolt -963 also addresses stride length, frequency, arm drive and improve sprinting mechanics. This combination is the deadly speed serum that makes GXBolt-963 the number one power and speed development training system on the market.

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