Why GXBolt-963 stands alone and is the very BEST product on the market?

The fastest athlete produces the most amount of force in the shortest period of time.

1) Most amount of “force” in the shortest period of time. GXBolt-963 advanced technology allows a load of weight to be placed on the unit. This requires the athletes to increase their force output to move the weighted load.

2) The shortest period of time. One element the GXBolt resistance speed cords tap into is the CNS (central nervous system). Once the receptors receive the message it’s time to go. The resistance speed cords increase the quickness in which the muscles fire. Muscles must move at high rates of speed, operate efficiently and as quick as possible. This results produce supreme first step quickness, frequency of stride, and agility.

3) No other product on the market has this combination of weight and resistance loading technology.

4) All human performance journals regarding increased athletic performance mention increased power, acceleration, speed and agility.  A form of “weight” base development must be involved. Hence the reason, the GXBolt-963 advanced technology is the most effective form of resistance training you can do when developing power, first step quickness, acceleration, and speed. Science says, not us!

5) This makes GXBolt-963 the #1 product on the market and you’ll personally need no other device in the gym, on the field, turf, track or court.

Technique training for sprinting can be divided into five areas: starting, acceleration, drive phase, recovery phase, and deceleration

According to this article “https://www.nsca.com/education/articles/kinetic-select/sprinting-mechanics-and-technique/” published by by NSCA’s Guide to Program Design on December 2018. Sprinting can be divided into five areas: starting, acceleration, drive phase, recovery phase, and deceleration.

The start: Athletes from all sports may start in different positions, but no matter the sport, the drive phase must be represented to some degree. When running the forty-yard dash or sprints in track & field, the drive phase essentially lasts between 25 yards to 30 meters. Then, when you tie in how much of a role the arms and legs play in speed along with completing the entire distance without shutting down, you will see that GXBolt-963 is by far the most superior product on earth!

Acceleration: The truth is, during the entire run, the athlete should be looking to consistently accelerate, but we will call this the “transitional phase” for the purpose of clarity. This phase takes place after the drive phase has been fully completed, beyond 25 yard or 30 meters. The body of the athlete begins to transition from the horizontal posture (stride pattern pushing) to the vertical posture (stride pattern cycling). Here is where stride length comes into factor and the athlete begins to take full advantage of frequency and length of stride. This is where GXBolt-963 once again reigns supreme. Most to all the tools can not reach or address this phase due to the lack of distance and even if they could, they are severely limited in connections and mobility. This is the phase where state titles, world titles, college scholarships, starting positions and championships are won! The ability to possess breakaway speed and separate from the competition is where GXBolt-963 reigns supreme.

Maximum Velocity: Here the athlete is in the vertical posture and sprinting as fast as they can reaching maximum speeds. Each athlete varies as well as each run as it applies specifically to that sport. What generates the power in the drive phase is no longer a factor in running at maximum speed. Angles, position, posture etc. all change at this point. GXBolt-963 is the only product in the world that can help athletes develop sheer muscle strength to improve greater maximum velocity. No other product in the world allows athletes to fly into any sprint drill reaching maximum velocity. Most are stationary, severally limited in distance, connections and mobility! GXBolt-963 is truly unlimited in all areas.

Track & Field: In track & field, the curve of a track is a place where athletes display speed. Once again, no other product in the world allows athletes to further enhance their speed, stamina, and endurance performance where it is needed most. GXBolt-963 possess no limits here either.

Proper Sprinting Mechanics

This article published by USATF on April 6, 2018, speaks about proper sprinting mechanics and how an athlete must improve their mechanics in order to improve speed. https://trackandfieldnews.com/track-coach/sprinting-technique-the-key-to-increasing-your-speed/

By utilizing GXBolt-963 advanced sprinting technology, coaches can improve athletes functional sprinting technique and strength. With our patented pulley system strategically designed for sprinting, GXBolt-963 auto corrects any athlete using its technology by teaching the athlete through feel and movement on how to work as efficiently as possible without wasted movement.

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