6 Explosive Ways GXBolt-963 Can Improve your Game

When it comes to basketball, these are just a few explosive drills that can be safely performed on GXBolt-963 advanced resistant technology. GXBolt-963 gives coaches the pure freedom for creativity that assist their athletes to improve their performance.


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GXBolt advanced mobile resistance technology develop explosive basketball movement and skills.


GXBolt-963 resistance speed cords can be easily connected to the basketball players ankles, waist, above the knees or arms. When basketball athletes connect to GXBolt-963 resistance speed cords, they are given the ability to move freely the full length of the court under resistance. Doing lateral and linear movements develops superior leg muscles the player needs for fast, effective, and improved ball handling skills.

What separates GXBolt advanced mobile resistance technology, is that the resistance is applied constantly from all angles, and the ability to go the full length of the court.
Basketball athletes significantly improve their overall skills since GXBolt-963 allows them to functionally move on the court without restrictions. This assists basketball athletes to develop explosive power in the exact movement patterns they perform in competitive play.

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GXBolt advanced mobile resistance technology resistance drastically develops explosive basketball sprinting power.


Offseason/In-season Explosive Power and Speed Simplified! GXBOLT-963 patented pulley system and multiple resistance speed cord integration technology offers programs drill implementation per cycle, for all running applications (first step quickness, power, acceleration, maximum velocity, and endurance) for unimaginable results. The ability to work both energy systems with GXBolt-963 advanced resistance technology is unprecedented!

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GXBolt advanced mobile resistance technology resistance drastically improves  athletes vertical and dunking ability. Explosive GXBolt drills.

  • Resisted defensive slides
  • Resisted sprints full court
  • Resisted single & double leg bounding
  • Resisted layups
  • Resisted backboard touches
  • Resisted drop steps
  • Resisted rebounding


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