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  1. GXBolt-963 is the only mobile resistance training technology that offers five points of resistance for any distance.
  2. GXBolt-963 serves multiple purposes for developing high performing athletes. You can push and pull GXBolt-963. Pushing and pulling GXBolt-963 for explosive power development, but also develop the athletes top end speed and every phase to sprinting faster.
  3. GXBolt-963 was invented by sprinters for sprinting and designed to specifically improve athletes starting, drive phase, transition, maximum velocity phase and deceleration.

All products may be ordered on the GXBolt website

5-7 days for delivery. Each unit is hand made and custom built to specification. Once the unit is ordered, we begin to build your unique and high quality GXBolt product that is built to last!
Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, baseball, softball, track & field, Lacrosse and Field hockey can all utilize GXBolt-963 mobile resistance training technology.

Absolutely! Contact us through our site to request a demo.

We do offer a training program that we can discuss in detail if you contact us.

speed training for all ages

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