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Football programs keep raising the bar higher every year. To gain a winning advantage on the gridiron, coaches and programs shift focus to new training technology targeted to build explosive power, speed and athleticism. GXBOLT-963’s patented mobile resistance power and speed training technology offers exclusive multi-resistance speed cord connections to functionally develop unmatched and unrivaled explosive power and speed.

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GXBOLT-963 state-of-the-art sports performance training device is quickly becoming trainers and coaches preferred brand in cutting-edge football training equipment.

GXBOLT-963 is the only speed and agility device of its kind that can train your arms, ankles and calves simultaneously; while building explosive power quickly.

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Down. Set. HUT!

Offseason/In-season Explosive Power and Speed Simplified! GXBOLT-963 patented pulley system and multiple resistance speed cord integration technology offers programs drill implementation per cycle, for all running applications (first step quickness, power, acceleration, maximum velocity, and endurance) for unimaginable results. The ability to work both energy systems with GXBolt-963 advanced resistance technology is unprecedented!

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Football Position Development

All football positions can drastically improve their game play with position specific training with GXBolt-963. From offensive line pass pro, defensive line pass rush, the quarter backs drop steps, defensive backs turning and running to the kicker significantly improving kicking power. GXBolt-963 will have the entire football team playing at a much faster and higher level on game day!
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Real Game Breakaway Top Speed

Perfecting an athlete’s form is everything to optimize strength, speed, and agility conditioning. GXBOLT- 963 patent pending speed cord resistance technology forces athletes to instantly correct and adjust body angles during peak acceleration improving higher knee drive, arm cycle, stride distance, and ground contact time essential to developing greater speed and power performance.


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Football combines are the ultimate event to find out if you got what it takes to stack up against the competition and test your skills against the clock.

Step-up your combine by showcasing the GXBOLT-963 at your next event. GXBOLT-963 patented power band resistance technology offers trainers and coaches the opportunity to conduct high-intensity advance training drills testing players to max capacity in power and speed development training.
  • 40-Yard Dash
  • 5-10-5-
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