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GXBolt mobile resistance training technology gives you an easy to use, durable, built to last, light weight, portable, dynamic and explosive piece of equipment that will deliver the results your clients and business desires.

GXBolt-963 is easy to use, lightweight, portable, and simple to store away. The ability to place GXBolt-963 unit in the back of your truck, car, back seat, trunk, closet, or in the small area of your gym or garage. GXBolt-963 is extremely convenient for everyday uses.

GXBolt-963 Mobile Resistance Power and Speed Development 

GXBolt-963: Stationary muscle development to functional mobile training.

First Step Quickness: Athletes utilizing GXBolt-963 will develop first step power and quickness that will allow them to separate from their competition.

Drive Phase: GXBolt-963 develops the explosive muscles needed and allows athletes to maintain proper angles.

Transition Phase: Allows athletes muscles to make a smooth and easy transition into reaching maximum velocity without rapidly hitting the brakes.

Maximum Velocity: GXBolt-963 gives athlete’s the ability to functionality develop faster and more explosive muscles to reach higher speeds.

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