About Coach Taylor:

Harold Taylor aka Coach T has dedicated his life to sports starting in Pop-Warner and moving up through the ranks from College football(University of Houston) to Arena Football. While defending our country with the United States Army Corps, he also played Semi-Pro football for one of the oldest football team’s in US history: Watertown Red & Black.

Outside of football (25 yrs.), Coach T played; Soccer (5yrs), baseball (5yrs), and participated in track & field (15 yrs.). Having coached little league and High School Football for a total of 6 years. He’s also a FAF (Free Agency Football) member and Coach. Has a family of 5 and lives in the Houston, TX.

What GX-Bolt does for my athletes:

The GX-Bolt is a game changer!!! My athletes get all around training while using the GX-Bolt. I’m able to provide speed and strength training while not being inside of a gym. The mobility of the GX-Bolt provides me and my athletes with an unlimited amount of different training focuses. The Bolt is the only training equipment that allows me to throw a layer of resistance at my athletes without limiting the overall focus on the workout. It will and can be used anywhere, at anytime, for any athlete!! No matter the sport being trained, GX-Bolt has it covered. Without the Bolt, my athletes would have to train a lot harder and longer to get the results they have seen. Using the Bolt while adding my creativity has dramatically change the landscape of my training business and platform!