GXBolt Applied Force

Authored by: The Mad Scientist

GXBolt-963 straight leg run drill breakdown! Straight leg runs with GXBolt-963 can fully engage the total body, activates the core while creating stiffness in the joints and develop proper sprinting mechanics in segments.

GXBolt-963 purpose: Straight leg runs with GXBolt-963 can fully engage the total body, activates the core while creating stiffness in the joints, develops proper sprinting mechanics in segments while radically building functional joint action and muscles for explosive sprinting. Once the athlete has developed great drill understanding, knowledge, proper mechanics without GXBolt-963. The next progression in the athlete’s development would be connecting he/she to the GXBolt-963 unit.

Once the athlete has progressed to connecting to GXBolt-963, now is the time to radically develop the explosive strength that is needed to improve sprinting. With GXBolt-963 connected to the athlete with the shoulder harness, the athlete is forced to activate the core while the shoulders are back. One of the primary focuses is placed on the correct position of the foot as it strikes the ground and where it needs to be placed. As the foot strikes the ground ever so slightly in front of the hips, the only weight placed on the athlete is his/her body weight. This works beautifully for the stretch shortening cycle in the ankle joint that directly transfers into greater sprinting speeds and creating stiffness in the joints (stiffer the lever, greater the speeds).

Resistance speed cords purpose on the ankles:

Progressing the athlete by adding the resistance speed cords to the ankles radically develops a series of movements and muscle activation. When the foot pushes off and the leg begins to swing forward, the resistance speed cords develops explosive and functional strength in the hip flexors as they drive the leg forward. Strengthening the hip flexors as well as the entirety of the hips plays a vital role in improving speed and the ability to develop functional strength is critical!

When the swing leg reaches its highest point and begins the pawback action, the resistance speed cord accelerates the leg down swing while the athlete is activating the hamstring for more explosion. This is where the hamstrings play one of its most important roles in the cycle of the stride. GXBolt-963 straight leg runs provides a great eccentric hamstring exercise during this drill.

This drill teaches athletes the ability to control the knee as they drive the leg forward. With the resistance speed cords working the pawback action in the down swing of the leg, this drastically contributes to improving the frequency of stride.

So many track and field coaches attempt to teach their athletes once the leg reaches its optimal point in height. You must get the leg down and your foot on the ground quickly. GXBolt-963 plays an intricate component in coaches’ programs and how they develop their athletes for explosive power and speed. GXBolt-963 subconsciously trains the athletes to drop the leg and put their feet down as quickly as possible. Coaches can really and truly coach their athletes with a device that allows the athlete to feel what exactly the coach is instructing them on.

Often in speed development, the ankle joint is often overlooked and never really developed. This is where speed begins, on the ground and having a strong, solid foundation to build upon. We always say, “stiffer the lever greater the force!” The ability to increase the strength in the ankles is where GXBolt-963 really takes athletes to another level. The resistance speed cords places resistance directly on the ankle joint. This resistance on the ankle as the foot strikes the ground develops the ankle strength that helps improve joint stiffness needed to return force which renders greater speeds.

Resistance speed cords progression on the arms purpose: As the athlete further develops strength under the coaches training and eye. The ability to place the resistance speed cords on the athlete’s arms are extremely vital as well. From a mechanical standpoint, that arms are the steering wheel to the legs. A lot of athletes cross their body when sprinting and the legs are doing exactly what the arms are doing. Crossing the body!

The strategic placement of GXBolt-963 resistance pulley system corrects the athletes arm drive and down swing. For athletes that are not strong enough for the wrist harnesses, they may place the harnesses on the biceps of the arm. This will allow the athlete to drive the arms through the full range of motion without compromising form and technique.

Functionally developing the needed upper body strength to drastically improve speed is much needed. As the athlete is moving down the field or track with GXBolt-963, the resistance speed cords serve a multitude of purposes.

Mechanically the resistance speed cords teach the athlete to drive the arms in a correct manner without crossing the body. Biomechanically, teaches the athlete to really accelerate and drive the arms down to create more force in the ground. They also develop the arms for maximum and full extension in getting the elbow back behind the body. This full motion allows the athlete to maximize the stride length by getting the needed knee lift that takes full advantage of the frequency of stride.

Once this drill has concluded, it will need to be followed by a contrast set of repetitions which are unloaded repetitions. The unloaded repetitions further enhance the training adaptation in the muscles as well as developing the CNS (central nervous system). When the central nervous system is developed, the body’s ability to react much quicker and faster than before will be seen. This is done by conducting a low number of repetitions at short distances with GXBolt-963 and keeping the athlete fresh with full recovery.

This single drill with GXBolt-963 is especially important in developing your athletes as it slows movements down for both coaches and athletes. Its ability to functionally develop the athlete with correct mechanics along with building explosive muscles and firing patterns is one of the things that cause athletes to see tremendous gains with GXBolt-963.

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